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  • halfmessy me: church is my center

    Gaby discusses the importance of church in her life, and the importance of finding a center and balance through your church community.

  • halfmessy me: careful what you wish for

    Gaby shares a story about how important it is to watch your words and be careful what you say. She also invents a new word, “Grobble”. Bible Verse: Matthew 15:18

  • halfmessy me: one day at a time

    Gaby talks about what it’s like to be in the midst of a mess. Anyone else hear about this pandemic thing going on?

  • halfmessy me: never miss a lesson

    Gaby talks about learning life lessons from her dad. Remember to keep an eye out for an opportunity to learn lessons from others – even if they come from unlikely sources, or don’t seem valuable at all.

  • half messsy me: new seasons

    In this video, Gaby discusses going back into the work force and how to embrace new seasons in your life with a half messy attitude.

  • halfmessy me: eye of the beholder

    In this video, Gaby discusses some of her past insecurities and how to truly interpret that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

  • halfmessy me – good girls gone bad

    We’re back, baby! Gaby discusses her sordid past as a “mean girl” and how finding acceptance in Christ supersedes finding acceptance in others.

  • halfmessy me: a healthy balance

    Gaby talks about her history with finding balance in her physical fitness, and how being “fit” means finding a healthy balance in all aspects of your life.

  • halfmessy me: paradise

    Gaby talks about finding paradise in the memories of her family trips to Bonita Springs.

  • halfmessy me: the need for retreat

    Gaby discusses coming back from the recent WxU camp with Metro Life Church and her own experience at Sharptop more than 10 years ago!