About Me.

I do not want to give an image of a perfect life… I want to give an image of being intentional and embracing the messy outcome.


Gaby Martinez

Being halfmessy is an idea I have embraced over the years. I’ve always tried to be very intentional in every area of my life, but it was becoming a parent that helped me learn to embrace the mess that life throws at me when your plans don’t come out “pinterest perfect”. I am a mother of two, and have been married for 10+ years. I was a stay-at-home mom for seven years, and now I am back to teaching in the classroom. While this started as a hobby, it has been a great way for my husband and I to bond over reminiscing about our shared experiences. I love sharing my many halfmessy stories because I want to encourage others with humor and hope. My goal is to create a community for people to share their testimonies and embrace the halfmessy mentality. In all of this, the goal is to have encouragement just a click away.