Embrace Your Struggle

Embrace Your Struggle

Each time he said, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me.

2 Corinthians 12:9 (NLT)

As I sit here at my laptop with a warm cup of coffee close by, I’m reflecting on God’s faithfulness and how He ushered me into fully embracing who He created me to be. The long journey from resisting to fully accepting the way God created me has been challenging yet a beautiful experience.  The journey started when I was a little girl, where I spoke a little differently than other kids my age.  I spoke differently because I had a stutter. My stutter didn’t affect me until I got older where others started to notice and say unkind words to me.  I became more aware of my stutter and was ashamed of the way I spoke. This also led me to have anxiety whenever I would speak.  Feelings of anxiety and fear whenever I spoke became my normal.  Thinking my words had no value and what I had to say was not enough became my truth. I was at a place in my life where I would rather stay silent than stuttering and avoid the grip of anxiety and fear. Then God stepped in and He gently reminded me of the truth that He created me with His gracious hands. That He made me fearfully and wonderfully. He whispered to my heart and said “Delaney, I created you with a stutter for a reason, I’m going to use you to help others with the same struggle.”

God gave me the freedom to speak because He gives the promise that He will be with my words whenever I speak them.  The thing is, God didn’t create me to be silent and to be consumed with anxiety. He gave me a voice to go out in the world and share the words He’s nudging me to say. The voice at times I dislike, was created by the One who loves me the most and knows the prosperous plans He has for me. God loves the sound of my voice and that simple truth brings great peace and acceptance. I had to fully embrace my unique sound to enter in to the grand plan God had for me to help others with the same struggle.

Part of this grand plan was to write a children’s book called God Loves My Voice. This book was written to remind children that their voice carries more than just sound, it echoes God’s perfect design. We were created and designed perfectly by God. In our weakness or struggle, His power is made perfect and where we are weak He shows up strong. I’m grateful for the struggle because through the struggle not only did I embrace my stutter but it was an invitation to embrace my Creator. When I put an end on resisting, it allowed my heart to be in the right posture for God to come in can transform my heart. I used to pray for God to take away my stutter, but now I praise Him for it, and I thank Him for designing me this way. During the time of embracing, I learned more of who God is and my trust and love in Him grew stronger. When you have unwavering trust and faith in the Lord, you can trust Him with your struggle and weakness. God can use your struggle for your good and His glory.  On the other side of embracing your struggle and trusting God with it, is an opportunity for your testimony to bring healing and freedom to others with their struggle. There’s purpose wrapped in your struggle and with Gods love and grace, He will reveal it. God’s plans and ways will always be better.

Surrendering my struggle and fully embracing it was worth it all. Now I’m sharing my testimony, stutter and all, with words on paper and the voice He has given me. A voice which I love now because it’s being used by God in mighty ways to help others on their journey. So friend, I’m praying for you that you invite God into your struggle. Embrace the process and watch God bring beauty from ashes. So from my halfmessy life to yours, embrace your struggle.

Delaney Mae Holley is a Christian, a daughter, a sister, a friend, blogger, and now author, living in South Florida.

Order her new book, God Loves My Voice, on Amazon or Westbow Press.

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