Author / Gaby Martinez

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  • halfmessy me: never miss a lesson

    Gaby talks about learning life lessons from her dad. Remember to keep an eye out for an opportunity to learn lessons from others – even if they come from unlikely sources, or don’t seem valuable at all.

  • half messy love: humble beginnings

    Gaby shares the story of her first thanksgiving – newly married, no friends or family, living in a new city… and no table to eat on. Learn to enjoy your relational humble beginnings.

  • half messy parenting: don’t stress, do your best

    In this video, Gaby discusses her experience with nursing her first child and how easy it is to be stressed about having the perfect parenting experience. Don’t stress! Do your best.

  • half messsy me: new seasons

    In this video, Gaby discusses going back into the work force and how to embrace new seasons in your life with a half messy attitude.

  • halfmessy parenting: ages and stages – the foundational years

    In this episode of Ages and Stages, Gaby talks about the “too old for toddlers, too young for school” age range and how its important to invest in this foundational time in your children’s lives.

  • halfmessy devotional: promises

    Gaby shares a devotional aimed at her children – Learning about God’s promises, and realizing that we need to claim them in our lives.

  • First Blog Test

    We are going to be launching a blog section the site, and asking friends to contribute their stories to the world of being half messy.    

  • halfmessy love – sincerely yours

    In this video, Gaby discusses the importance of just being yourself in a relationship and not trying to prove anything to others.

  • halfmessy me: eye of the beholder

    In this video, Gaby discusses some of her past insecurities and how to truly interpret that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

  • halfmessy devotional: obscure me

    In this episode, Gaby discusses feeling obscure at times and how God uses even ordinary moments to do extraordinary things.