What is halfmessy?

I have always loved listening to the stories of others. When they tell me their life’s lessons, I feel like I was just gifted some extra wisdom to put into my pocket for a rainy day or when I need to level up. As the second child, I cannot help but to observe and learn from others in the hopes of either bettering my life or dodging a bullet that can come my way. I have lived life with wisdom from Gods word, family advice, and friends’ suggestions. It was not until I became a mother that I felt that I needed more. It was so overwhelming that I threw my hands up and never typed in the words “mother” and “baby” in the Google search bar ever again. I prayed instead. God was awesome enough to provide a group of mommas in my life that I never had to resort to a Google search.



      As the years rolled by, I became a mother of two. I got my boy and my girl, two years apart. But with that gift, I did not have the time I wanted to run to my momma crew. I needed to stay home more and it was really hard to get out. That was when I realized that each day brought an unplanned mess, and I did not have the time to calmly clean up or run to someone for advice. That was how halfmessy came to be. God gave me the best word to describe my life. I was and have always been an intentional person about each season in my life, especially the season of motherhood.  But I also am in love with my planner and agenda. Planning is a must for me so I can know what comes ahead. Don’t judge me! However, it was not until I had my two children that I realized I could not be in control as much as I wanted. Motherhood brought a mess that I could not control or plan. I learned to embrace the mess and ask God what to do next.  I did this joyously and with gratitude, because every time that mess came along, it was always beautifully completed by God in a way I could have never planned. One of my favorite memories is when my second child was around 8 months old. I finally fit in my white jeans again. I was so excited to get dressed up in those white pants with a cute shirt and some makeup. Not my hair though, I still never did find time to do the hair. I got all dressed up and ready to go to church with this feeling of “put together” for the first time, but as I was carrying my little girl to the car, her green veggie pouch spilled on my cute white jeans. It was truly a messy moment, complete with a heavy sigh. Instead of getting angry and changing my clothes, I embraced that I was a young mom of two that tried to get pretty and got hit with the reality of the season I am in… which is okay. God helped me laugh about it instead of crying about it. I was truly half messy.


     It was not until a couple of months after my first awakening to a halfmessy season, that I realized I have always lived this halfmessy life: A life where I have always been aware, intentional, and a planner, but when a mess comes my way I do not run away from it but I welcome it. I know that hidden within the mess is a beautiful opportunity to run to my Lord and ask Him to fix it. He always delivers and never fails. In my life, He always helps me laugh about it and walk away with full joy. A halfmessy life is about submitting your mess to Him instead of trying to fix it or getting angry about it. A mess is a wonderful opportunity to cry out to Him and let Him take over. I know that I cannot help myself with books and speakers and make my way through life without Him. However, I know that I can do my best and then let God do the rest. To me, it is beautifully imperfect in a world that promotes perfection.


     In this halfmessy site, I want to share my stories and testimonies. Not just in my parenting life, but in my married life and my own individual life. Real stories, coming from me, and not a photo or words on a screen.  I wish to encourage and motivate others with my stories and testimonies about embracing this halfmessy lifestyle; embracing the mess and submitting it to God to let him complete it. This mindset is nothing new to some believers, but I am encouraging the act that should follow that belief. Life can be beautifully imperfect this way. I hope to one day have others share their halfmessy stories on this blog and help to encourage others in the seasons I have yet to experience. Until then, from my halfmessy life to yours, do not run away from your mess… embrace it. 

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