2020 Update: A new video for each set, and new devotionals coming soon!

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Welcome to halfmessy.com! Here is where you will find my stories about being half messy, along with devotions to encourage you throughout your days. I want to promote the idea of being half messy to everyone out there who is seeking joy, balance, and peace in their lives. Check out my Instagram where I share my daily life, and my Pinterest to find some helpful resources. I believe in sharing true stories that may help others finish their stories with humor and gratitude. Please contact me to share any of your half messy stories that we can include in our videos or in the devotionals. From my halfmessy life to your halfmessy life, – let’s help keep it together, all together.

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We are going to be launching a blog section the site, and asking friends to contribute their stories to the world of being half messy.    

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