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Welcome to halfmessy.com! This is a testimonial website built for the halfmessy community. My name is Gaby, and I started halfmessy as a place to share my stories about living a halfmessy life through parenting, marriage, and personal experience. There are videos sharing my testimonies, blogs from myself and others, and devotionals to encourage you to be confident in your walk with God. Halfmessy life is about embracing the mess that life throws at you and surrendering it over to God. I believe in sharing the truth about real life that may help others finish their stories with humor and gratitude. Please contact me to share any of your halfmessy stories that we can include in our videos in or in the devotionals.

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God’s word says to honor your husband. I will always try to honor him in any situation, but I am especially happy to honor him in his hobby. A hobby that can bring up the family and not down is one that a spouse should always support and invest in. I may not be a gamer or understand it, but I can be a cheerleader for it.

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